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Here on the Large Marge Sent Us podcast, Sweety and Sweetie are our names and nostalgia is our game! Once a week (or more if you're lucky!) we watch movies from the 80s and 90s that shaped our childhoods and then have a sisterly chat about them. We usually sing songs and there's about a 100% chance we'll crack up with bouts of laughter. We hope you will too! So come join us and step back into a time when life was good and the movies were even better Logo created lovingly by Frankie Donlon. Follow us on Twitter @TheSweetieClub and on Facebook!
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Jun 25, 2017

Move over Field of Dreams.....A League of Their Own is the best damn baseball movie EVER. We'll bet all of our Rockford Peach baseball cards! ALoTO, from 1992 and directed by Penny Marshall chronicles the history of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League, a time from 1943 to 1954 when WOMEN played BASEBALL professionally because all of the men were at war! This movie will make you laugh, cry, hug your sister, and reminds you how awesome Tom Hanks and Gena Davis are.  We've seen this movie 1000 times with (or without sound) and love it so. Come on and listen to us do fine renditions of "We're the members of the All American League..." and "This Used to be Be My Playground", discuss if Dottie dropped the ball on purpose or just had a really bad day, which Rockford Peach we like the most, and how the big band soundtrack and women kicking baseball butt in several montages gives us the internal goosebumps just like when we saw Wonder Woman! PS We kept calling the pitcher Ellen Sue, Sue Ellen because we're both still on a high from our Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter is Dead episode.  

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Apr 30, 2017

The Sweeties are back from their Cali trip and ready to dive back into the hits with 1994's Ace Ventura Pet Detective! Starring Jim Carrey in his groundbreaking role as a lovable eccentric pet detective, Ace Ventura exists in the Sweetie canon of our top 10 flicks. We'll talk about our many levels of confusion involving (but not limited to) blowjobs, Einhorn's history as a missing hiker/failed football star, and, sexual intercourse and the importance of '3 times'. We'll also 'choose our own comedy' by indulging the listeners in our favorite misheard quotes AND fall down a rabbit hole of famous old lady actresses (Spoiler: they're all dead now! :(   )

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Apr 21, 2017

In 1985 a Disney movie was born and quickly wormed its way into the fears of every child known to mankind. Sorry too dramatic? But for realz. Return to OZ is the movie that still haunts many of us today and is the reason why most of us panic and abandon a shopping cart at the first sign of squeak. Join us as we discuss those pesky Wheelers, the awesome/horrifying Princess Mombi and her weird man voice, and take a deep dive into Sweetie's latent fear of rock people wearing hidden dress shoes. There's no place like home but seriously, there has to be a better place than Kansas...Am I right?

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Apr 16, 2017

IT'S WAYNE'S WORLD! PARTY TIME! EXCELLENT! *Guitar noises* The Sweeties are back and we're bringing you one of the movies on our top 10 lists! Wayne's World, released in 1992 is the SNL skit brought to life. Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar have a cable access show in a basement in Aurora, Illinois. Someone comes along and tries to exploit it, but that's not important because this movie is all about the hilarious one liners and even though we were a mere 9 and 6 years old, this movie soon became our most quotable--- even if we didn't get 85% of the jokes! So get in your Mirth mobile and grab your Fender Stratocaster and listen along as we chat about all the lines that we use in our daily life (Car! Game on!), our favorite Cassandra outfits and favorite Crucial Taunt songs, how much we miss windbreakers/tracksuits, and how Bohemian Rhapsody and Queen are best things since sliced bread. Plus, a fan favorite segment (Call Carol) returns! Do we know how to party or what?!

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Mar 27, 2017

The Sweeties are back and we're bringing you THE movie that brought Sweety's childhood fantasy of being a witch to life. The Craft, released in 1996 and starring Fairuza Balk and Robin Tunney, is the ultimate good vs. evil or gothic person vs non-gothic person tale of what happens when four teenagers discover their powers and then do whatever the fuck they want. The Craft taught us that you should probably not shop lift from the nice witch lady's store, that having burn scars all over your body also means you don't have to shower, and that in the 90s Skeet Ulrich was typecast as a sleazy rapist pretending to be a good guy. So join as as we call the four corners and invoke the spirit!

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Mar 17, 2017

Remember in 1990 when Johnny Depp was a 120 pound weakling with scissors for hands who happened to be an excellent dog groomer/hair stylist/ice sculptor and had a crush on Winona Ryder who had strawberry blonde hair and was dating the geek from The Breakfast Club who was now hopped up on 'roids?!! Well, WE do. I just described the plot of everyone's second favorite Tim Burton Film, Edward Scissorhands! Listen along as the Sweeties discuss all there is to know about this trippy little film including: does Edward have a penis and can he make little scissorhanded babies, how Alan Arkin and Diane Wiest are fucking national treasures, and how Tim Burton used to be great but now he's just okay and we're upset about it.  So grab your Colt 45s, tape them to your hands, and listen to Large Marge Sent Us today!

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Jan 6, 2017

Big news you guys! Our big sister Liz has given birth to a sweet sweet nugget baby and in honor of our recent Auntie status, we are bringing you our favorite movie about babies of all time----Baby Boom! Baby Boom may have been released in 1987, but it still holds up as a testament to the struggles working mothers deal with everyday. Plus it has one of our very favorite people, Diane Keaton! So come join us as we wax poetic about some full blown patriarchal bullshit AND get ready for a brand new segment finally coming to fruition--- "Ask Carol" We are SO excited about this and you better be too. 


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Sep 27, 2016

Video games! Fred Savage! Video Games AND Fred Savage? A match made in heaven. Released in 1989, we had to make The Wizard the final stop on our Savage September tour because it combines Fred Savage with classic video games--two things we hold near and dear to our hearts. Plus, bonus random Tobey Maguire cameo AND 3 new original songs (with stolen melodies) sung by yours truly. Honestly, is there any other way to close a fantastic Savage September?! Didn't think so.

Sep 1, 2016

Our good buddy Gene Wilder died this week at the age of 83 and in his honor Sweetie and Sweety recorded an in memoriam episode dedicated to the best movie that came out of 1971, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! This movie came out quite a bit before our time, but we were obsessed with it as children.  Don't miss our in-depth discussion of our favorite songs and chocolate bars from the film and BONUS Sweetie warbles off an amazing (i.e. horrible) rendition of Veruca Salt's "I Want It Now".  RIP GW, you'll always be our everlasting gobstopper!

Aug 30, 2016

The year was 1987. The place - Seattle, Washington.  And the hero is the world's most famous Bigfoot, Harry! Harry and The Hendersons is a gem and a half as far as 80s cinema classics go and taught us not to judge a Bigfoot by its.....big feet? Starring the always electric John Lithgow, Harry and the Hendersons stomped into our hearts and never let go. Join us as we unpack it, one smelly mythologized beast at a time!